Release Notes for version V.2.3

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V.2.3.22         20 January 2016

  • Bugs
    1. Fix error message when login in to AproPLAN
    2. Various log errors fixes

V.2.3.21         13 January 2016

  • Bugs
    1. Add a "Contact Us" button to purchase Enterprise License
    2. Add the ability to disable the spell checker
    3. Improvements in the user interface
    4. Log errors fixes

V.2.3.20         07 January 2016

  • Bugs
    1. Unlock report in process
    2. Fix error in the API with invalid characters in the URL
    3. Hide the List button in the navigation bar for Free users
    4. Log errors fixes

V.2.3.16         09 December 2015

  • Enhancements
    1. Improve the look of Intercom messages
    2. Improve the look of the checkboxes in the folder's grid in the Manage screen of participants
  • Bugs
    1. Order of moved points from one list to another is changed
    2. Unlock report in process
    3. Fix creation date value in Point's Excel export file
    4. Various log errors fixes

V.2.3.15         02 December 2015

  • Enhancements
    1. Display clearer labels in the column's headers of the document's grid of lists
    2. Permit to add participants with addresses like "_@" to projects
    3. Enhance the page break management in report for the section Details of points
  • Bugs
    1. Unlock several reports in processing
    2. Other minor bug fixes 

V.2.3.14         27 November 2015

  • Bugs
    1. Fix persistent loading icon in HTML page when navigating between list and detail of points
    2. Fix error message when adding a document
    3. Fix wrong Intercom message that appears at first connection to AproPLAN
    4. Other minor bug fixes 

V.2.3.13         26 November 2015

  • Bugs
    1. Fix subjects linked to categories sometimes not saved
    2. Other minor bug fixes 

V.2.3.12         25 November 2015

  • Enhancements
    1. Display a clear error message when trying to delete a category linked to a company/participant
  • Bugs
    1. Unlock several reports in processing
    2. Fix error messages when opening Dashboard
    3. Fix display errors in the Dashboard screen when many categories are in a chart
    4. Fix timezone to use to send the daily summary mail
    5. Various log errors fixes
    6. Other minor bug fixes 

V.2.3.11         18 November 2015

  • Bugs
    • Fix translations issues
    • Other minor bug fixes

V.2.3.10         12 November 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Enhance quality of specific images in reports
  • Bugs
    • Various fixes

V.2.3.09         04 November 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Add tooltips in the Manage screen of the participants
    • Enhance the look of the cells in the Access Rights grid of the Manage screen of Participants
    • Forbid to open several instances of AproPLAN in the same browser
    • Set "Occurence + Sequential" as default list's numbering type for Entreprise licences
  • Bugs
    • Fix print list of points attached to a photo from Documents screen
    • Various log warning fixes
    • Other minor bug fixes 

V.2.3.08         28 October 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Points screen is now opened by default instead of the Dashboard screen
    • Chinese translations updated
    • Enhance the way to display the Project configuration progress popup
  • Bugs
    • Fix Intercom messages not correctly trapped
    • Fix points localization on reports when changing the zoom level
    • Fix the text of the tooltip on the pencil icon in the Documents screen
    • Hide sort options on the "InCharge" column of the Point's grid view
    • Various log warning fixes
    • Other minor bug fixes 

V.2.3.07         21 October 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Enhance report's photos quality
    • Enhance page break management in reports
    • Update Chinese translations
  • Bugs
    • Various log warning fixes
    • Other minor bug fixes 

V.2.3.06         14 October 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Allow users to scroll in the left navigation bar on small screens
    • Forbid users to input email addresses with stresses in the Participants screens
  • Bugs
    • Fix blank page between reports when displaying big pictures
    • Fix Dashboard tooltip visible on top of every screens
    • Remove empty Intercom popup displayed at first login of a new user
    • Fix blurred quality of big customer's logo on top of AproPLAN mails
    • Various log warning fixes
    • Other minor bug fixes

V.2.3.05         07 October 2015

  • Fix data errors in Excel export of the Wave Analyses Dashboard chart
  • Fix translations errors
  • Other bug fixes

V.2.3.04         05 October 2015

  • Bugs
    • Generated report were not available in documents screen or in list wizard screen
    • All rooms imported from Excel were not correctly saved in AproPLAN database
    • Important flag is no more printed in the reports if not checked in the points
    • Other fixes

V.2.3.03         01 October 2015

  • Bugs
    • Fix bug when creating a new conversation in Intercom

V.2.3.02         01 October 2015

  • Bugs
    • Fix bug when creating a new list's occurence

V.2.3.00/V.2.3.01         30 September 2015

  • Enhancements
    • New way to display sub-menu entries 
      There is no more sub-menu entries in the navigation bar for the project wizard, list wizard and participants manage screen
      The steps of those screens are displayed as bullets on top of the screens
    • New way to display rights
       As now, users can grant access roles "Admin", "Manager", "Contributor" and "Guest" to participants
      But one can see the effect of those roles under the form of a grid in the Participants manage screen and in the List wizard 
    • Print zone tool
      This new tools lets the user selects the part of the plan to print around a drawing
    • Project configuration progress
      On the top bar of AproPLAN, every user will see the progress of his project's configuration
      This progress is computed upon:
      • Invited VS uninvited project's participants
      • Participants linked to categories
      • Participant's access to lists
      • Participant's access to folders structure
    • Intercom integration
      AproPLAN is now linked with Intercom
      This offers 2 advantages:
      • Users will be able to contact and chat with AproPLAN's hotline
      • Users will receive contextual help message directly inside AproPLAN
    • Project and List Dashboard
      There is a new menu entry "Dashboard" above the menu entry "Points"
      This menu leads to a brand new dashboard displaying:
      • The opened points VS archived points
      • The opened points per category
      • The opened points per status
      • The Wave Analysis charts
        It's a chart showing per week the opened points per category
    • Other enhancements
      • Send report from the Documents screen
      • Filter, group and print points following the value of the field "Important"
      • New design of the project wizard's status step
      • Keep or update original plan name at new version's upload
      • Select the start occurence number of an empty list
      • Enable mouse wheel on screen in Safari OS X
      • Enhance Mass download of documents
  • Bugs
    • Fix color and font used in mails
    • Fix project cover management
    • Fix categories displayed in red in the link categories to participants screen
    • Fix account creation on
    • Fix error when downloading Excel report
    • Various log errors fixes
    • Various translation fixes
    • Other fixes
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