Release Notes for version V.2.4.0.

Eveline -

V.         24 February 2016

  • Bug Fixes
    1. Reduce the size of the application to avoid MacOS reloading the Silverlight plugin
    2. Remove the column "Name of Files" in the list of pictures
    3. Deselect Subcategories when the parent Category is deselected

V.         17 February 2016

  • Bug Fixes
    1. Fix ToDo points don't load in the HTML page
    2. Unlock documents in processing
    3. Add several check to avoid uploading empty documents
    4. Correct the translation issue in the Daily Tasks mails

V.         10 February 2016

  • Bug Fixes
    1. Fix Silverlight crashes when generating a report
    2. Fix cannot search points in the HTML page
    3. Wrong message when deleting categories or subcategories

V.         3 February 2016

  • Bug Fixes
    1. Fix problem of database overload
    2. Restore the sort order by name or creation date for the documents list
    3. Fix errors when generating a report
    4. Change the colors of the Dashboard

V.         29 January 2016

  • Bug Fixes
    1. Unlock report in process
    2. Fix error when login in to AproPLAN
    3. Various log errors fixes
    4. Fix problem when adding a contact to a project

V.2.4.0         25 January 2016

  • Enhancements

    1. Access Rights on Participants and Documents of the project 
      On project level, the rights to Edit and to Delete participants are now displayed in the Access rights table.
      The main changes are : 
      - Everyone can now edit and give visibility on documents to the participants he/she invites on the project.
      - The access rights given to the new participant can only be lower or equal to the one that invites.
      - A contributor on the project will now have the right to edit and archive his own documents.

    2. Grid view
      Some elements have been added to enhance the use of the grid view :
      - Room/ Category : You can now filter points on the second level of Room and/ or Category. Previously, only the first level was available. 
      - Status : Only the active statuses are displayed. 
      - In charge : you can now chose to filter on the Name, the Company or the Role of the person in charge of a point. 
      - Print action is also available when only one point is selected.
      - You can also An action to "Clear filters and sorts" easily has been added. 

    3. New Dashboards
      - A dashboard with the points of the project organized by due date. 
      - A dashboard with the recent activities on the project , such as,  new points, new documents, new versions of documents, new statuses on points, new comments on points, etc. 
      - Drill down charts to display the list with corresponding points.

    4. Reports of a list
      All the versions of the report created from a list are saved :
      a. In the documents of the project, under "My report" , if you are the author of the first version of the report.
      b. In the settings of the list, in the tab "Reports".
      c. In the documents of the list, in the tab "Reports"

    5. Order of the comments on a point
      The comments on a point will now be displayed from the oldest to the youngest. The latest comment is displayed as last and not as the second comment anymore.

    6. Document management
      - Tree view of the documents
      Actions have been added to Expand / Collapse easily all the folders of the documents tree view. 
      - The order of the documents in the Project folders can be changed thanks to a drag and drop action. 

    7. Other Enhancements 

      a. Multi-selection in lists of points or documents is made easy thanks to the use of SHIFT/CTRL - function.
      b. There has been some changes in the messages to prevent mistakes when deleting documents with or without versions.
      c. An action "Invite" has been added when selecting a participant on the list.
      d. Projects and Lists can be refreshed easily thanks to a refresh button in the upper right corner.
      e. When selecting participants of the project to add them on the list, previously only the name of the participant was displayed. We now also display the name of the company and the role of the participant, which makes the selection of the participant easier.
      f. When you open a point, a red corner informs that there is a drawing on the document.
      g. The name of the company of the user who prints the report is displayed in the sentence left of the PDF report
      h. Shortcuts have been added to improve the user experience
      • CTRL+Z to revert a change in edit mode
      • CTRL+SHIFT+Z to redo a change in edit mode
      • Home in lists (points, lists, documents...) to jump to the begin of the list
      • End in lists (points, lists, documents...) to jump to the end of the list
      • CTRL+A to trigger the add button where it exists
      • CTRL+E to trigger the edit button where is exists
      • CTRL+P to trigger the print button where it exists

    Bugs fixes

    • Report fix
    • Translation fixes
    • Other fixes
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