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Lola Ricca -

We advice you to set up your personal templates on the web but it can now easily be done on the ipad.

Step by step … the new way to generate a report on ipad …

Either you use a saved template or you create a new one


When you have selected a saved template , you can load a preview of the report or send the report right away.




If you want to create your personalized template, just hit CREATE and give it a name


You can now start to personalize the template as on the web …



  • First , the logo’s. You can add up to 3 logo’s left- center- right , on the first page or on all pages.


  • Second, the sort options. You can group/sort the points according to 3 criteria, ascending or descending.

  • The biggest part is the Layout options, where you can choose amongst all the settings available.




If you add the LIST OF POINTS and or the PARTICIPANTS of the list, you can also choose which data you want.


You can order the columns the way you want by moving them thanks to the icon  



  • Finally, have a quick preview of what your report will look like and “Save your template” or “Send your report”


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