Filter or group your points

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In order to have a better view of your tasks , you can group or filter them:


1. Filter points

Several standard filters exists, go and select them by clicking on this icon


Active points = all points that are not archived

TO DO points = active points with status TO DO

Done points = active points with status DONE

Archived points = all the points that are not active anymore

The default filter is "active points".  If you'd like to display all points, take this filter off (by clicking on the cross right to the filter)  


2. Group points

You can also group your points by clicking on Screen_Shot_2017-06-26_at_15.29.36.png

The points will then be ranked according to the selected criteria 


 You can also search your point, by inserting data after clicking in the search bar :Screen_Shot_2017-06-26_at_15.31.54.png

  • Then you will be able to choose which data you are looking for by selecting one of the green boxes.
  • If you tap Enter the search will by default select on "All" = all the fields of the point.



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