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After having selected your project you will enter the list of points.

  • The red banner at the left of each point, means that the point is not read by you, yet.



Open a point by ticking on it. The (new) comments will be displayed

You can then choose between :

  • Got it : "Yes, I've read all the new information concerning this point "  : the red stripe next to the point will disappear, so it will be displayed as "read"
  • Go to point : if you want to see the details of your point


Details of a point

  • After ticking on Go to point you will see all the details/ fields of this point.


General functions on points

By clicking on the upper right icon

You can see all the main function of a point :

(edit, copy, copy to list and choose to which list, move to list and choose to which list, delete and archive)



By clicking on Edit, you are able to edit those functions

(Depending on your access rights in your project and / or list)

  • Choose the List
  • Choose the Category


  • Insert a Subject


  • Select the Location


  • Select the Room


  • Select the Status


  • Select the Due date


  • Select the User in charge (Name, Company or Role)

To finalize and save your changes you just have to tick on .



Activities of a point

  • Comments linked to the points
  • Changing of statuses


Attachments of a point

  • By ticking on the attachment, you can add a pin to locate your point on the attachment.
  • Or you can draw something on it.

 Add a pin or drawing on your picture or document, from the attachments of the point and save by ticking on the little .


Quick actions on points

If you want to add a comment, attach a document, take a picture or mark this point as important you have to tick on the  button and click on Save.





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